The Team

Robbie Weterings


Robbie has worked on many conservation projects through out the world, from governmental and non-governmental organisations to consultancy agencies. He has a bachelor degree in environmental science and a master degree in international nature conservation. He is the chairman of the Cat Drop Foundation and he is running the Cat Drop Thailand project.


Jens-Peter Meyer


Jens-Peter has a background in coastal zone management. He has been working with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) on various projects, from Arctic studies to hydrological research. He is the foundation’s treasurer and is currently also working on a hydrological research study for the Dutch Government.


Wieland Fisher


Wieland has been involved with a variety bird-projects on several islands of New Zealand with regard to trans-location of native birds and DNA sampling. He has also been active in primate conservation for an NGO operating in Morocco. In January Wieland will assist several scientists on several research projects on the Galapagos Islands. He has a bachelor degree in wildlife management and he is the secretary of the Cat Drop Foundation.