Students, Internships & Thesis

Are you looking for an internship or thesis project for university or are you graduated but have difficulties finding the right job? We offer internship and thesis opportunities at the Cat Drop Thailand Project in which you can develop work-experience and specialise yourself on a topic of your interest. The next coming possibility to join our project will be approximately be in February 2012.

Studies like Conservation Biology, Environmental Sciences and Wildlife Conservation are very popular, but the labour market is restricted. Without enough experience and/or a specialisation it is not always that easy to find the job you aimed for when you started your studies. At Cat Drop we aim to give you the experience/specialisation needed to find a job more easily. Moreover, we stimulate young conservationists to start their own conservation project/NGO.

If you will do an internship or thesis at our project we will let you go through the entire research process (proposal, grant application, fieldwork, analyses, write and publish). We always try to get your work published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. However, we do normally require you to stay (motivated) for at least 3 months at our project before we can more or less guarantee you will be going properly through the whole research process.

At the Cat Drop Thailand website there are several short research proposals presented that you could carry out. If these topics are not of your interest than please contact us and let us know what you would like to do. We will than contact you and discuss the possibilities of how we could facilitate your demands.

Please contact us if you are interest in an internship or thesis project at Cat Drop Thailand.