!! In October 2013 we will start running a fully scheduled volunteering program for our Thailand project. At this moment we can use the help of volunteers, but we are not able to facilitate a full program!!

As a volunteer for Cat Drop Thailand you will be working on a project of your choice. You will be allowed to change the project but we recommend that you spend at least a few days on the same project. Activities we will be offering for volunteers are:

  • Insect determination
  • Bat surveys
  • Habitat mapping
  • Gecko surveys
  • Data entry
  • English teaching
  • Writing educational materials
  • Develop campaigns
  • Organise fund-raisers

There is also the possibility to assist interns with field and lab work for their research projects. However, this will be fully dependent on the demand of the interns and thus cannot be guaranteed.

The benefits out weigh the costs therefore we will not be charging you for labour. However, if you would like to attend workshops from the conservation course we would expect a small donation. You would be expected to pay for your own accommodation and food however we will be delighted to assist you in your arrangements for your stay of a lifetime. There are no restrictions in terms of the length of your stay in fact you are free to stay for as long as you wish. Normally our volunteers and interns stay in a nearby resort. The average costs for a accommodation in these areas are 6 Euro per night or 100 Euro per month. Please do not hesitate in letting us know of your arrangements. Your daily budget including accommodation will be probably around 5 Euro to 15 Euro depending upon your culinary tastes and social life.

Things you have to do before you get to the project

  • Before leaving your own country you must ensure that you have adequate health insurance. National insurance packages normally do not cover medical costs abroad. You will need to check on your own country‚Äôs medical requirements. Most countries will not cover their own nationals abroad therefore you will need to take out alternative means of medical cover.
  • Your local physician will advise you on what vaccinations you will require. Normally you do not need malaria prophylaxis. Malaria is rather scarce in the region. However, there are other mosquito borne diseases in the area where you will be required to ensure protective measures.
  • Get an appropriate visa for the length of your stay.
  • From Bangkok to the project area you will be required to make your own travel arrangements however we will be able to collect you at Kamphaeng Phet upon arrival. Please do not forget to inform us of your estimated time of arrival. We will pick you up from the local bus-station. Please contact us if you need help with travel arrangements from Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet.