Our Team

Dr. Robbie Weterings

Chairman and Principle Investigator

Robbie has worked on many conservation projects through out the world, from governmental organizations and NGO’s to consultancy agencies. He holds a bachelor degree in environmental science, a bi-national master degree in international nature conservation and a Ph.D in Environment and Natural Resources. Robbie’s research interests include community ecology and the application of GIS and statistics within the field of ecology. Currently he is also working with FORCLIME as an advisor for GIS, Remote Sensing and UAV for the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.


M.Sc. Kai Christoph Vetter


Kai holds a bachelors degree in Integrated Coastal Zone Management and a M.Sc. in Ecology from the University of Bremen, Germany. His past work centered around conservation biology of tropical shores, including the adaption of Mangroves to habitat disturbances on the Nicobar Islands. As an avid diver he monitored 5km of sea bottom for substrate condition and is always up for unconventional approaches to solve arising problems. He is also a biology teacher at a regional school in Bremerhaven.


B.Sc. Wieland Fisher


Wieland has been involved with a variety bird-projects on several islands of New Zealand with regard to trans-location of native birds and DNA sampling. He has also been active in primate conservation for an NGO operating in Morocco. In January Wieland will assist several scientists on several research projects on the Galapagos Islands. He has a bachelor degree in wildlife management and he is the secretary of the Cat Drop Foundation.


Jens-Peter Meyer


Jens-Peter has a background in coastal zone management. He has been working with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) on various projects, from Arctic studies to hydrological research. He is the foundation’s treasurer and is currently also working on a hydrological research study for the Dutch Government.


Daeng Kanthon


Daeng is in charge of everything technical. He builds sampling tools and is in charge of maintenance of all equipment, cars and everything else that needs a technician.


Preeyaporn Weterings

Research Assistant

Preeyaporn loves fieldwork and is familiar with many of the local species in Thailand. She is also in charge of communication with local communities and land owners.