Opportunistic feeding in flat-tailed house geckos

House geckos (Hemidactylus spp.) are voracious insectivorous that feed on large numbers of insects daily. Several species of this genus live inside buildings in close proximity to people where they forage near artificial lights, feeding on those insects that are attracted to light. This makes these species excellent subjects for behavioral studies and dietary analysis. Indeed, many studies have investigated the diets of geckos belonging to the genus Hemidactylus and found that diets of these species mainly consist of insects such as Lepidoptera, Diptera but often also contain other arthropods such as Arachinidae. Most of these studies suggest that house geckos are strict insectivores, which is not any different for the flat-tailed house gecko (Hemidactylus platyurus).

During the period between March 2013 to December 2016, I often observed house geckos (both Hemidactylus frenatus and H. platyurus) foraging in garbage-bins and on diner-tables in Kamphaeng Phet and Minburi, Thailand and Malinau, Indonesia… more

To full report is freely accessible and can be found here.

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