Are geckos the new mice?

In some species of geckos that live in buildings or other human-modified locations, it has been observed that they opportunistically feed on insects that are attracted by artificial lights. Such observations have also been reported for G. gecko and G. monarchus. To date only two unpublished studies have focused on foraging behaviour and diet of G. monarchus. The first study focused on spatial partitioning around artificial lights and found no inter-specific differences among four gecko species. While the other study showed that the diet of G. monarchus consists mostly of termites (Isoptera), wasps and sawflies (Hymenoptera), true flies (Diptera) and spiders (Arachnidaea). Based on the scarce information available for this species, G. monarchus was to date considered a strict insectivore. We recently observed G. monarchus feeding on non-insect food items. On 7 July 2017 between 20:30 PM and 21:00 PM, in Tanjung Selor, North Kalimantan, Indonesia (2.8366°N, 117.3724°E), we observed two individuals feeding on white bread on a table in a kitchen… more

The full report can be found here.